PCNVOnline.comLaser treatment offers dramatic results for people suffering from nail infection, reports Dr. William Knudson.
Podiatrist Dr. William Knudson, who provides 19 years of clinical experience, is expanding his services with an exciting new treatment. Dr. William Knudson is pleased to introduce a safe and effective new laser therapy for feet and toes.

According to Dr. Knudson, nail fungus, also known as onychomycosis, is a relatively common condition that affects up to 10 percent of people worldwide.

This new laser therapy has proven to be a safe and highly effective solution in the treatment of onychomycosis, says Dr. William Knudson. The laser can also be used for warts and scar reduction.

Symptoms of Nail Infection

Dr. William Knudson points out that fungus can cause nails to become discolored or yellow. Other symptoms of nail infection include buildup of skin underneath the nail and white streaks or spots on the nail surface. As the infection progresses, the nail may become brittle, thick and completely separated from the nail bed, says Dr. William Knudson. It can cause an individual significant pain when walking or wearing shoes.

Causes of Nail Infection

Nail infection is caused by any contact with dermatophytes in the environment, according to Dr. William Knudson. Dermatophytes are typically responsible for causing nail fungus. Dr. William Knudson and his fellow world-class podiatrists define nail fungus as specialized organisms that feed off keratin, the main component of skin and nails. The most common types of fungi that cause nail infection are Candida, Trichophyton mentagrophytes and Trichophyton rubrum. All people are potentially at risk for infection due to their presence in the environment, adds Dr. William Knudson.

Sources of Nail Infection

Common sources of nail infection are nail spas, gyms, public showers and swimming pools, according to Dr. William Knudson. Nail trauma and tight fitting shoes also cause infection. Dr. William Knudson points out that increasing age, poor health and genetic susceptibility are also common factors that increase a person’s risk of nail infection.
Current Treatments of Nail Infection

Previously, the patients of Dr. William Knudson had relied on topical drugs and oral drugs to treat nail infection. Laser treatments in particular have also been effective for restoring clear nails and eliminating nail infections. A majority of patients will experience at least some level of improvement, says Dr. William Knudson. The disadvantages, benefits and risks of each specific treatment will be discussed before treatment.
Patient Results

The treatment involves directing a laser beam over the patient’s infected nail and surrounding skin tissue. Dr. William Knudson reports that patients have shown no adverse effects after receiving treatment. In a recent clinical study, 88 percent of participants experiencing nail infection had demonstrated improvement four months after application. It may require up to 12 months for the patient to see an entirely clear nail, explains Dr. William Knudson.